Pizzeria L’Angelo in Venice

I was thrilled to find a pizza place in Venice, Italy with clearly labeled vegan option.

Of course I got the vega. It was okay. Hubby was not at all impressed. The place is a counter only, so we ordered and took our pizza box to a nearby square. This is common in Italy. It was fun to do this, but I wish the pizza had been better.

Pizzeria L’Angelo gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. Not only was the pizza not great, the people working there clearly didn’t want to be there. Too bad. I say skip this place and keep exploring.


Angelica Kitchen in East Village

Angelica Kitchen is a long standing vegan restaurant in NYC. It was one of the places I visited during my second trip ever to NYC, many years before I moved here. People claim to adore this place. I, however, think there are better options.

The place is cute and homey with lots of natural light, a nice change for NYC.

I decided to order from the special list as that is often the best food for the day at any restaurant. I got the Winter-Layer Wonderland and hubby selected butternut squash soup and a Ruben. We were both excited for our options from a place so beloved.

Well, the food was dry and cold. Unfortunate. The overall flavors were underwhelming. This was what I remembered from the many years ago I had visited (2005? 2006?). Back on the early 2000s I would have jumped on any opportunity for a vegan restaurant, even if I was a better cook. But there are incredible vegan options within walking distance of Angelica Kitchen to take advantage of. In relation to those, this place gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. I’m sad I didn’t enjoy the food more, but want to be honest about my experience. I won’t be going back.

Lucy’s Taqueria in Hilo

Staying in Hilo, Hawaii for a few days, I wanted to try the local options. I was thrilled to see VegNews had an article about where to eat in the most recent issue and I decided to start with Lucy’s Taquieria.

I ordered the vegan fajita burrito and hubby got the vegetarian fajita tacos.

All was okay. Hubby said his rice and beans were bland. The most fun part was the salsa bar.

And the ambiance was fun.

I also had to try the vegan gelato.

I got chunky monkey, since I can’t get enough of the Ben & Jerry’s flavor. Hubby got chocolate. Both were not good and we didn’t finish them. It’s too bad since this was our only vegan ice cream option from a restaurant.

Overall, Lucy’s gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. They are trying and if I lived here, I would go back to eat and lovingly encourage better vegan options. But, the food was not great.

Atlas Cafe in East Village


Atlas Cafe is a cute stop in East Village. At least half the menu is vegan and the owner is so nice. He calls all the women “Bella.” A tiny space with mismatched chairs to help everyone feel comfortable. 

I ordered the Mediterranean crape and hubby got a vegan Cubano. Our first one!

I enjoyed my crepe, but hubby didn’t like it. He loved his Cubano, but I thought it was just okay.

Atlas Cafe gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. The space is cute, but the food just okay. It’s worth trying though.



I was excited to finally try Freebirds. There is a lot of hype about how good it is and this may be true if not vegan. I shared with the woman helping me that I was up for anything, so long as it was vegan. Knowing that tortillas are not always well labeled, I ordered the vegetarian burrito bowl. It went downhill from there. The woman helping me was unsure which rice was vegan, if either. I selected the cilantro lime as it had a higher likelihood compared to the Spanish rice. She then suggested the tempeh option. Cool! Happy to try something for vegan visitors. She did know the beans were vegetarian, so I got black beans and topped everything off with extra grilled veggies, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. It sounds good.

But it was just okay. Chipotle is more tasty for vegans. The tempeh was not well seasoned and made everything taste bland. All of it was bland. Oops.

Freebirds gets two of five vegan cupcakes. Decor is super fun and the food is fresh, but flavorless. I probably won’t return unless I hear about changes worth trying.

Golden Mean Cafe in Santa Monica


I wanted to like this little vegan restaurant in Santa Monica. The prices are decent, the reviews are high in Happy Cow, and the ambiance is right up my alley, funkey and simple.

After trying the spinach artichoke dip that seemed over cooked with chips that were not stale, but not fresh either and a chicken tostada salad with too much dressing and a not crispy tortilla for the tostada, I was less happy. I also tried a dry piece of chocolate mousse cake.



Hubby got the street tacos that he said were okay.

Golden Mean Cafe gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. It’s just not as good as it could be.

Organic Grill in East Village

We were headed to the Comedy Cellar and wanted to eat dinner first. Open Table suggested the Orgain Cafe, as a vegan friendly place with decent reviews. I was excited and the menu was intriguing. 

Unfortunately, those were the best parts. I love nachoes, so hubby and I shared a plate as an appetizer. The chips were super soggy. The flavor was good, but the texture off.

My great grandmother was Polish and I’m always excited to have vegan Perogies. These were bland and over a bland, intended to be, cheesy sauce and greens. I liked the greens. Hubby used salsa to enhance his dinner. 

The Organic Cafe gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. Just not good enough with so many fantasic options in NYC.

iConnect Cafe

When we headed to  Fort Lauderdale, I knew I had to get to Sublime. But I was unaware of all the other vegan restaurants in town. Happy Cow to the rescue! Such a great phone app for traveling. Our second evening in town we were coming back from a lecture and hungry. Happy cow noted a vegan restaurant between where we were and our hotel. The place also had decent reviews. I was excited to try iConnect.

The space is also a yoga studio and walking in is mostly a store front with a bar to sit at and two tables. Our hostess, server, and yoga schedule shuffler was very nice as we asked lots of questions about the different options. I think the place is mostly used for take-out as three different people came by while we were there to pick up their dinner.

After much contemplation, I ordered the grilled cheese and veggie sandwich, hubby ordered the scramble with garbanzo beans, and the couple we brought with us got the portobello sandwich and the tropical sandwich. The salad looked the best of all our dishes.

2014-01-24 18.19.37 2014-01-24 18.19.25 2014-01-24 18.19.20 2014-01-24 18.19.14


We were disappointed. The food was just okay and everyone responded the same way. I was certainly surprised by the pile of tortilla chips with my sandwich.

Because I can’t pass up a vegan dessert, hubby and I shared a chocolate cupcake. The flavor was very good. There were also cookies out for anyone to try that were very tasty. It seems the desserts are worth the trip. However, for dinner I give the place two out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was okay, but I won’t go back for it. I should probably try the yoga studio though. I love yoga.