Philly Vegan Pop Flea and Announcement

A Power of Color Market happened in Philadelphia yesterday. It was great fun!

There were so many fun things to try and talk about.

This was my first Pop Flea and I was not disappointed. They happen about once a month is different locations through Philadelphia and the suburbs. I came home with all these fun things:

There were fewer food vendors compared to the Vegan Shop-ups in NYC, but I got nachos, mac n cheese, and a cookie from Soy Cafe and brought home some of the nacho nut cheese.

Now for the announcement… hubby and I have moved to Philly! More fun stuff from Philly forthcoming. Woo hoo!

Here are closeups of the fun things I picked up at the Pop Flea from Fili Kale, Soap by Alana, Empress Wholistics, and Live Decent.


OCF Coffee House in Philly

We spent four hours on a bicycle tour of Philly. It was really wonderful. We rode all over the grid of the city learning about the history and the changes. Two of my favorite things combined!

The tour happened from 10:30 to 2:30 without a snack, so we were starving at the end. I couldn’t wait too long before eating, so we stared looking at the restaurants close to the bicycle shop.

The second place we looked at the menu had several vegan labeled options! So we decided to try it out.

The weather was a bit chilly and I really wanted something hot to drink. Vegan hot chocolate? Score!

And my first froth art. Another score! It was delicious.

We ordered the vegan omelet and vegan pancakes. Of course we shared.

Yummers! We really enjoyed everything. And the atmosphere is simple. Clearly people like this place!

Everyone orders at the counter that has assorted pastries, even vegan ones, to choose from.

I would definitely return to OCF Coffee House. It gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Looking for easy brunch food near the penitentiary? Try OCF. Yummers!

Bar Bombon in Philly

We didn’t want to worry about dinner reservations, so we took our chances to find a fun place to eat. On our last trip to Philly we stoped at Bar Bombon for a snack. I remember we got nachos and plantains. It was yummers, but I never got a chance to blog about it. So when there were two seats available at the bar, we eagerly sat down for dinner.

The bartender was super nice and made hubby a custom drink after a short conversation about what he likes. Hubby always loves when bartenders are willing to make something a surprise. Then, after a brief conversation with me, that included how I don’t drink alcohol, he made me this delicious carrot and ginger juice that I adored. We paired these with guacamole. Yummers! He also made sure we understood everything was vegan, even though words like “cheese” are on the menu. Right up our alley!

Next we ordered enchiladas and a Cubano. The restaurant claims to be Puerto Rican, but it felt more fusion. Both dishes were yummers.

We really enjoyed our dinner. Bar Bombon gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We enjoyed, but the food isn’t necessarily inventive. We will absolutely return and I recommend trying this place if you get a chance.

Govinda’s in Philly

It’s been a year, so time to get back to Philly! We always enjoy this city and it’s so easy to get here from NYC.

On our last visit we came across Govinda’s, but we were already full and didn’t have room in our bellies to try more things. This trip I made a beeline!

The menu has several things that looked promising. “Comfort food” is the self-proclaimed fare.

They offer cheese made from cow milk, and thus considered vegetarian, but also offer vegan cheese.

We ordered several things to try. Hubby got the fish sandwich, Cesar salad, and a donut. I picked out a chicken quesadilla, vegetable soup, and a samosa.

The fish sandwich reminded me of the fish sticks I knew as a kid. But the food overall was just okay. It was was what vegan food was five years ago, fun because no one else was offering it. Today, the options are fresher and flavors more complex. I was disappointed.

The woman at the counter was kind. Even when there was suddenly a big rush of customers. The decor is dated, but the place felt clean.

Govinda’s gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. It’s okay, but there are better options within walking distance. I will likely not return to this restaurant.

Update: I am changing the rating to one vegan cupcake. I was sick the next day and no one needs to experience that if I can provide helpful feedback. Not yummers.

Blackbird Pizzeria in Philly

This unassuming restaurant front contains some of the best vegan pizza I have had the pleasure of tasting.

On my second trip to Philadelphia I finally made it to this pizzeria. I had been hearing about its yummies for some time, so I was thrilled to try it.

There is a menu, but the slices readily available were the best part. My slice focused on mushrooms and hubby had lots of arugula to enjoy.

Again, yummers. Hubby also got the Philly Stake Sandwich, since, you know, we were in Philly. He’s also originally from Pennsylvania, so he’s often keen on things familiar.

He loved it. I was less enthusiastic, but I’m happy to share his scarfing.

I also got a Cesar salad.

Meh is a great description. Stick with the pizza at this place. My salad took the longest of our order to be ready. It must not be frequently ordered.

They also have dessert, but we skipped trying anything.

Blackbird gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Great pizza and always get that. The staff was super nice and the place clean. I will absolutely return on my next visit.

HipCityVeg in Philly

Hubby wanted to return to Philadelphia for his birthday. Why not? We had a great visit last summer and I was happy to make reservations at all the places we fell in love with last time.

As we were walking from the train station to our hotel we stumbled upon HipCityVeg. A place we didn’t even know existed. Apparently, it’s owned by the same group that opened Charlie Was A Sinner.

Holy yummers, vegans! I got a Spinach BLT Salad and hubby picked out the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich. I also got us a side of sweet potato fries.

The place was packed, so we got lunch to go and ate at our hotel. Hubby was so excited that he was half way through his sandwich before I got a photo!

Great fast vegan food. Four out of five vegan cupcakes. Totally worth enjoying.

Sweet Freedom Bakery in Philly

Our last day in Philly we decided to walk down to Sweet Freedom Bakery. Especially since the weather was holding calm for us. This spot boasts of being vegan and gluten free, among other things, while being full of yummy.

We were overwhelmed with all the delicious looking options!

Since we couldn’t decide, we picked out a box of different treats to take back to the hotel and home with us. There are a couple tables, but the shop is fairly sparse.

Everything was so delicious that nothing made it back to NYC. We tried a donut, cupcakes, and a cake ball. If you make it to Philly, this place is very worth a visit. Sweet Freedom gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Yummers!

P. S. & Co in Philly

P. S. & Co was my favorite brunch spot in Philly. All vegan and gluten free, this gem has good food and an outdoor garden to sit in. The staff was super nice and the food case endlessly tempting!

For my first trip I ordered pancakes. Mmm… Then I still had some room and got a piece of cake. Because, cake. My second visit I got breakfast tacos and learned why they are a local favorite. I would absolutely order those tacos again.

The space is rustic and clean.

I absolutely recommend trying out P. S. & Co when in Philly. It gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. Four is because although the food and experience are good, it’s not quite as playful as other places. But, again, totally worth checking out and enjoying.

Vedge in Philly

I didn’t know what to expect with Vedge in Philly. The reviews all said good food, but less pleasant on other parts. Hubby almost didn’t want to go, but I can’t resist a vegan restaurant! Then, I couldn’t get a reservation because planning is not always my thing. So I called to find out if they had a bar I could sit at. They do, but a reservation had opened and I zoinked it.

The atmosphere is rustic chic and a bit noisey, but comfortable.

The menu made our mouths water and we waited for our server to explain how to order. The menu is intended for patrons to order one thing from each section. The portions are set up for this approach and we were thrilled to be encouraged to order multiple dishes.

Our meal started with watermelon Gespacho. The flavor was wonderful, but the glasses were warm. A bit unusual for a cold soup.

Hubby picked out Fancy Radishes to start and Spicy Ssamjang Tofu with Green Garbanzos for his entree. I ordered Stuffed Avocado to start and Grilled Seitan with Brussels Sprouts. We of course shared everything and it was fantastic.

So yummy! And beautifully presented.

With such luck for dinner, we had to try dessert. Not disappointed when adventurous options were presented. We selected the Chocolate Bar and Zucchini Blondie. Both were wonderful. 

Just a wonderful evening. We had no trouble with anything. Vedge gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. Totally try to eat here when in Philly. Also plan better to make sure you can get a table.

Charlie Was A Sinner in Philly

Shortly after moving to NYC, I was told I needed to get to Philly and Charlie Was A Sinner. Multiple people have shared with me this is an incredible vegan bar. The name threw me as it brings the south to my mind and the south I know is not always great for vegan food. How could this place be as good or better than the vegan paradise I know in NYC? Well, it is.

Hubby and I decided it was time to start exploring weekend trips outside the city. Philadelphia is our first destination and the train ride was very easy. Charlie Was A Sinner was on our agenda for the first night and was totally worth it.

Consider getting a reservation. We didn’t have one. I didn’t even think about it since it’s a bar. Well, CWAS is much more than a bar! It has small plates that are fantastic in addition to a wonderful drink list.

We sat at the bar and decided to try four plates. Smoked Cauliflower, Heirloom Beet Salad, Carrot Mousse, and Tofu & Bean Sausage. Each dish was wonderful in a special way. The flavors are so well developed and not at all overwhelming. Yummers! The atmosphere is also very enjoyable with a dark speak-easy meets farm-to-table feel.

We HAD to try dessert after enjoying our dinner so much. The photos show how servings are small plates, so we had room.

The Meyer Lemon Cake and Summer Peach Empanada are both truly enjoyable.

We had such a wonderful experience that we returned the next night for drinks and appetizers.

This trip we got Zuchinni “Crabcake” Sliders and Artichoke Frites. Again, yummers!

I can’t say enough good things about Charlie Was A Sinner. Even the staff was wonderful. If ever in Philly, make sure to enjoy this place. Charlie Was A Sinner gets five out of five vegan cupcakes.