Block 16

2014-08-15 16.46.38

I have been very hesitant to write about Block 16. When I first moved to Omaha in 2011, it was a delicious vegan oasis in what seemed to be a sea of steaks. Several vegan options were enjoyed on a regular basis and the restaurant has only grown in popularity. I am very happy that the place is always packed. However, the vegan options are not what they used to be. Sometimes they are good and other times they are not. What’s worse is that I’m not the only local vegan that has noticed this. I have not been to this restaurant in some time and am unsure when I will go again.

The picture is of their vegan ruben and onion rings.


Brick Oven Pizzeria

2014-10-26 13.01.19

This pizzeria has been in Omaha for over a year now, but I only recently had a chance to check it out. I LOVE that the main sign prominently says “vegan friendly.” Though, I was unsure just how friendly the place would be.

I was happily floored. Not only is there an extensive list of vegan options beyond pizza, the prep area for vegan food is completely separate from where other food is prepared. Again, floored.

We ordered a salad, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a calzone. I was again amazed by the grilled cheese. It is unexpected deliciousness full of vegetables.

2014-10-26 13.11.38 2014-10-26 13.33.58


If you are in Omaha, or plan to visit, I highly recommend Brick Oven. The owners are super nice and the food full of yummers.


Kitchen Table

Summer Sunday Supper

Every month this summer, Kitchen Table is offering a special multi-course dinner of deliciousness and getting to hear from the farms that grow the ingredients. What a wonderful opportunity to meet more neighbors!

Kitchen Table is currently my favorite restaurant in Omaha, where I live. I don’t normally review the restaurants where I live because these are the people I see all the time. If you follow my Twitter feed, @aneverydayvegan, you already know I do share when I come across new options in Omaha.

I love Kitchen Table for three reasons. One, the food is flat out fantastic, at least the food I eat. Two, the food is locally sourced and seasonal as much as possible. They even bake their own bread and it’s fun to watch them make it. Three, the owners are some of the nicest people around and they go out of their way to provide vegan options. If you live in Omaha or plan to travel here, you must eat at Kitchen Table.

Back to the Summer Sunday Supper. I was lucky enough to make it to one of these about a week ago and was not disappointed.

2014-06-15 17.15.53

The suppers are not usually vegan, but vegan options were provided. When I signed up to be part of the event I asked if a vegan option would be available. I already explained how vegans are welcome and thus a third option was happily prepared. But, not just prepared like in other places where the non-vegan ingredient is removed. They actually make something unique and delicious that just happens to be vegan. This is the kind of food I most love.

The meal started with a vegetable terrine. I had never had one of these. It was like a log of cold veggies pressed together and sliced. Served with a tangy mustard. I really enjoyed it.

2014-06-15 17.44.33

Next came a wonderful salad of hearty greens, pickled beets, and walnuts. I scarfed it down.

2014-06-15 18.11.23


Then came risotto. Wow. I was luckily enough to get risotto once before and this was my second time to almost lick the plate clean. It is unusual for a vegan risotto to be available, so order it if they have it. You will not be disappointed.

2014-06-15 18.43.23

Then, as if this was not incredible enough, I was served two small carrot cake cupcakes with minty icing. Amazing. I had never even thought of putting mint in icing.

2014-06-15 19.13.14

Okay, enough drooling. Try for yourself and let me know what you think. Yummers!



Voodoo Taco

2014-05-25 17.39.13

I don’t normally review local restaurants because these are the people I know and get to live with. However, others have started asking me to do so. If following my tweets @aneverydayvegan, you already know I tweet when I learn about new vegan options in town that are worth sharing.

Recently I found myself at Voodoo Taco. I had heard they had a vegan option, but had not tried it. It’s a very simple place with several taco options. Besides the fun name, there is a veggie taco that says to order vegan if desired. Score! I LOVE it when restaurants make the vegan option easy. Of course I ordered one.

It’s decent. Lots of fresh veggies and tempura fried avocado. I know, the tempura might sound a little strange, but it was good. Not the best taco I have ever had, but not the worst either. Voodoo Taco gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. I would eat it again, but it didn’t wow me. If you find yourself near one of the locations, try for yourself.

February Cooking Class

2014-02-23 16.38.45


I was super excited to host another cooking class last month. We made a fun appetizer, soup, quiche, and cupcakes. Only three class members were already vegan and the other two were curious to learn some new recipes. Each person left with copies of the recipes, got to help cook, shared their cooking tips, pigged out, and asked lots of questions. Google was really helpful when we didn’t have answers on the tops of our heads.

We had a great night and finished with very full tummies.

I have already posted the quiche recipe and the others will come soon. Thanks for reading!