iConnect Cafe

When we headed to  Fort Lauderdale, I knew I had to get to Sublime. But I was unaware of all the other vegan restaurants in town. Happy Cow to the rescue! Such a great phone app for traveling. Our second evening in town we were coming back from a lecture and hungry. Happy cow noted a vegan restaurant between where we were and our hotel. The place also had decent reviews. I was excited to try iConnect.

The space is also a yoga studio and walking in is mostly a store front with a bar to sit at and two tables. Our hostess, server, and yoga schedule shuffler was very nice as we asked lots of questions about the different options. I think the place is mostly used for take-out as three different people came by while we were there to pick up their dinner.

After much contemplation, I ordered the grilled cheese and veggie sandwich, hubby ordered the scramble with garbanzo beans, and the couple we brought with us got the portobello sandwich and the tropical sandwich. The salad looked the best of all our dishes.

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We were disappointed. The food was just okay and everyone responded the same way. I was certainly surprised by the pile of tortilla chips with my sandwich.

Because I can’t pass up a vegan dessert, hubby and I shared a chocolate cupcake. The flavor was very good. There were also cookies out for anyone to try that were very tasty. It seems the desserts are worth the trip. However, for dinner I give the place two out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was okay, but I won’t go back for it. I should probably try the yoga studio though. I love yoga.



2014-01-23 17.40.46

I was super lucky and recently got to escape the cold for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was only there a few nights, but made it to three different vegan restaurants. I had no idea there were so many vegan places to eat in this town. Of course, the first stop on my list was Sublime! The dishes I ordered were wonderful, but hubby was less pleased. One word of caution, the portions are huge. Go very hungry or prepared to take home doggy bags.

We started with appetizers. I ordered the Frito Misto, which is a giant town of delicious cauliflower.

2014-01-23 17.53.15


I tried to serve it with the spoon provided and decided it was more fun to just chip away at the tower with my fork. Hubby really liked this dish too.

Hubby ordered the Pretzel Dip Medley and was unimpressed. I didn’t like this dish either, but, to be fair, pretzels are not really my thing. Hubby remembers loving them as a kid, so he was super hopeful.

2014-01-23 18.01.37


I thought the dish was pretty. Nice presentation.

For my entree, I got the Vegetable Lasagna. OMGosh! It was super yummy. Creamy and rich as if it was made with cow milk cheese. I was actually worried until I remembered verifying with the waitress that we were in the right vegan restaurant before ordering. It was so good and rich that I couldn’t finish the giant portion. Hubby to the rescue! Especially since he was less pleased with his Reef Tacos. He felt the tacos could have used a more interesting shell and that the rice and beans were uninteresting. But, he really liked my lasagna.

2014-01-23 18.23.32 2014-01-23 18.23.19


Of course we had to try a dessert! We were too stuffed at this point to order separate desserts, so we split the Chocolate Nirvana. I really liked the flavor, but I think the cake was stale because it was a bit dry.

2014-01-23 18.40.53


Overall, Sublime was disappointing. Which is a real bummer because this is a fairly famous place. I would certainly give it a second try, especially since a couple dishes were prefect. Our waitress was super wonderful and we tipped her well, but the hostess was grumpy and not nearly as excited as we were.

Maybe I need to make a rating system. I always want vegan places to be incredible, but just because the food is vegan does not mean it’s always perfect. Based on my first visit, Sublime gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. There is certainly potential for five cupcakes and if I ever get back to Fort Lauderdale, I will go again.