Tumeric Latte

Me and my tumeric latte are watching the first snow fall on Philly today. Tumeric is so great for helping reduce inflammation. Research has linked its benefits to reducing symptoms of Lupus, Ulcerative Colitis, and others (check out nutritionfacts.org for more information).

I try to have some tumeric each day and am more successful on some days than others. I don’t beat myself up about it, but try again the next day. When I can have a tumeric latte, I’m golden (pun intended)!

Warning, revealing something personal: I’m allergic to cinnamon. There, I said it. It gives me a rash, which is a real bummer since it’s delicious.

What you need:

2 cups non-dairy milk, I have been using sweetened soy

1 Tablespoon tumeric powder

1 teaspoon maple syrup (more if using an unsweetened non-dairy milk)

If not allergic, a couple shakes of cinnamon.

Heat milk (don’t boil), stir in maple syrup and tumeric (cinnamon if you want). Whisk all together to get a froth or blend in the blender. Yummers!


Support Changes

As much as I prefer local coffeehouses, I also feel we need to support the changes that help everyone. I stopped to try my favorite caffine hot beverage with coconut milk this morning. Tasty. I will be back at my local place tomorrow, but coconut milk is important for Starbucks to carry.

Don’t forget to support the positive changes in your community. When they don’t hit the mark on taste, try and talk with the chef/owner/manager. These people want your business and never going back makes them think they don’t need to provide vegan options.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Naturade Vegan Smart Protein

If you are on the lookout for a vegan protein powder that doesn’t taste like feet, look no further. I was given lots of this as a participant at an event, a regular vegan, not a blogger, to try. It means my review is truly honest.

This is the best vegan protein powder I have ever tried. I mix it with almond milk and wheat grass to get more veggies and the taste is still great. Twenty grams of protein and only five grams of sugar per serving!

I have tried the berry, chai, and chocolate flavors. There is also a vanilla, but not yet tasted by me. I think the berry is my favorite.

Several brands of vegan protein powders have landed on my tastebuds that are terrible. Put the stuff in a smoothie with other tasty stuff and some are tolerable. But I don’t always have time to make an entire smoothie and clean up. This is good enough to dump in my blender bottle and head out. Yummers!

Runa Clean Energy

Lots of the “energy” drinks have some strange ingredients. Not Runa. I tried the unsweetened options and enjoyed them both. A full bottle helped me be alert during an extra crazy San Francisco rush hour.

Runa is a great, simple ingredient, energy drink when you need a little extra kick in the morning.

I recently attended a food show and was able to try many new products. Many of the coming posts will be dedicated to these new products.


Svelte Protein Shake

2014-10-23 07.36.39

Vegan protein powders truly leave something to be desired. Chalky, bitter, and grainy are only some of the words I use describe most of them. Luckily, I have stumbled upon CalNaturale Svelte Protein Shake. There are several flavors, and so far they are all tasty. Now, don’t get me wrong. This won’t taste like a chocolate milk shake, but the flavor is nice and the other descriptors are absent. Try some for yourself. Hello beautiful!

Cucumber Mint Water

2014-08-05 20.57.42

Infused waters are so wonderful, especially on a hot day. A friend gave me a big stack of fresh herbs from her garden. They smelled so good that I wanted to do something right away. What you will need:

2 long sprigs of fresh mint

1 short spring of rosemary

1 cucumber, about half the skin removed and sliced into thin circles

Place all ingredients in a large jar or pitcher. Add filtered water until full. Cover and set in fridge for at least eight hours. I let mine sit overnight. Try to drink within 24 hours.

This was so refreshing the next day. Yummers!

Mud Pie

2014-03-15 08.48.16


Mud Pie is a fantastic vegan bakery in Kansas City. They have many different milks to have with coffees and teas as well as a case of different sweet and savory treats. I started my day with an almond chai and a sausage and parmesan scone.

2014-03-15 08.57.45


But, there is no way I could leave without taking full advantage of a vegan bakery. There is nothing like Mud Pie in the city I live in. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful options in my city, but currently no exclusively vegan eateries. So, I picked up several yummies to try later, such as a bundt cake, a pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin, an apricot scone, and mostess cupcakes to share.

2014-03-15 08.56.56


Oh, heaven! All had wonderful flavors and textures. No one would ever think any of it was vegan. Kudos and five out of five vegan cupcakes. Worth every bite and I will certainly return.


2013-12-15 15.38.27


I associate the holidays with Horchata. Probably because I’m from Texas and have attended many Posadas over the years when this drink is often served. It’s sweet and refreshing without being too thick like egg nog. What you will need:

1/2 a gallon of rice milk

1 TBS vanilla

1 TBS cinnamon

2/3 cup coconut sugar

2/3 cup sugar

Place everything in a large container and stir until well mixed. Let sit in fridge at least eight hours. Just before serving, remove the cinnamon film on top. Ladle into cups and serve cold.