Vaute Coture NYC Store Opening

I was lucky enough to make it to Vaute Coture opening its first permanent location in NYC a couple weeks ago. I adore the brand because it’s awesome. Not just the fun vegan clothes that are locally and ethically made, but the people. Every communication is full of joy, gratitude, and love. That’s so much of what I aspire to be!

It was a very hot day, so hot that I had to sit down as soon as I found a seat inside. I needed to recover.

The place was packed with people thrilled to explore, try on items, and eat the treats!

The place is adorable and full of great messages.

I will be returning soon to explore on my own pace and I can’t wait. The world needs places like Vaute. I’m thrilled to be part of this important change.


Vegan Saucony Jazz

I don’t usually blog about things other than food, but there is no reason I shouldn’t. My new vegan Sacuny Jazz shoes arrived today and I’m thrilled. Such cute walking shoes. They are even marketed as vegan, which I love. We so often don’t know about the glues used in shoes. MooShoes has been carrying these for months, but I was waiting until I needed new waking shoes. Oops. They ran out of my size. So I ordered these on Amazon and they only had black in my size. Woo hoo for a run on vegan shoes!! This should happen more! They fit great and I can’t wait for the snow to melt and I get a proper walk in them.

“One step at a time to a cleaner planet. This vegan friendly Sacuny shoe contains no animal products, by-products or derivatives. Canvas and hemp create the classic design.”