Lola Rosa in Montreal

One night while in Montreal we decided we were not ready to go back to the hotel and that we wanted dessert. A quick search led us to Lola Rosa.

The menu includes things like poutine and quesadillas, but we headed straight for the dessert case and picked out a slice of lemon custard pie with meringue and raspberry sauce and a slice of chocolate and banana cream pie. Yummers!

Hubby was excited to try vegan custard and meringue. The lemon custard was really delicious. The chocolate and banana was also yummers, but a poor second to the lemon.

The space is cute with a few small tables and each has drawers with notes of gratitude to the restaurant in them.

Lola Rosa gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The desserts were nice, but the space dirty and the staff rude. I was surprised by all the gratitude notes based on our experience. But I would go back for the dessert.


LOV in Montreal

I fell in love with Montreal, in part because there is so much great vegan food!

We stayed near Old Town, so most nights we explored a restaurant in that area. Hubby’s favorite was LOV.

It has a sweet and quirky dining room. For example, two tables have swing chairs hanging from the ceiling rather than traditional chairs. I’m glad we didn’t have those because I am certain my clumsy self would have put most of dinner in my lap.

We started with the cheese plate and kale mac’n’cheese.

Both were yummers! I had the lasagna that comes with a Cesar salad and hubby got gnocchi de casa.

Seriously yummers! Hubby even enjoyed my lasagna that was only layers of vegetables. He feels real lasagna has pasta in it, so this means a bunch.

LOV gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. We really enjoyed it. Make sure you have a reservation to make certain you get to try it when in Montreal.

Copper Branch in Montreal

Our first day in Montreal we had a bicycle tour of the old city. It was wonderful and we were starving once it was over. The first vegan place that popped up on Google was Copper Branch and we made a beeline. Copper Branch has several locations across Montreal.

I ordered the South West Wrap Scramble (yes, Southwest is two words on the menu) and kombucha. Hubby picked out the Smoked Maple Tempeh Sandwich and Revolution Smoothy. We also had to try the nachos.

Most was yummers. The sour cream on the nachos was extra sour, so I wasn’t used to it. Hubby was not fond of his smoothie and ended up not finishing it. But the portions were large.

The space could have used a wipe down and the employees seemed like they would have appreciated a break.

Copper Branch gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. If needing something quick, it’s worth a try. And it was fun to try, of course.

Cosmic Treats in Toronto

When researching where to eat in Toronto, I remember reading about a dessert place I wanted to try. I promptly forgot where it was or its name. My superhero power is that I forget everything.

While walking around Kensington Market, I saw a sign for vegan treats and had to explore. Walking in reminded me of the photos I had seen online. Score!

The place is adorable and the dessert case very temping. It was a hot day and they offer vegan soft serve ice cream. Yummers! I got a chocolate and vanilla swirl and picked out a double chocolate marshmallow cookie for later.

I’m happy to share that both were yummers. When in Kensington, my favorite Toronto neighborhood, stop by Cosmic Treats. Unless, of course, you are trying to avoid treats.

Rosalinda in Toronto

At the last moment we decided to go to Second City for a night out. This meant trying to find a fun restaurant between the venue and our hotel. That’s when I uncovered Rosalinda. We had passed it several times, but I did not realize it was vegan.

The place is nice and the waitstaff kind. We didn’t have a reservation so they asked if we minded sitting at the bar. Not at all! People talk to one another at the bar.

Rosalinda is Toronto’s interpretation of vegan Mexican food and it was yummers. The best part was the willingness to play with flavors.

Plates are small and intended to be shared so we got a tostada (that I forgot to photograph), floutas, and chilquiles. I adored it all. Hubby loved the floutas so much that he ordered a second plate.

Our only obstacle was that food came out a bit slow. Not usually an issue, but we had a show to get to.

Rosalinda gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. We would go there frequently if we lived in Toronto. Yummers!

Fresh in Toronto

Fresh is another Toronto restaurant that was recommended to us. We had no idea what we were in for and it was yummers.

Upon sitting we were warned that the kitchen was about 35 minutes behind except for starters and smoothies. So we started with that. In Canada, do as Canadians do and order yourself some poutine! It’s fries with cheese curds and gravy. The legend we were told is that someone was carrying all these ingredients separately and dropped them only to find they were delicious together. Sounds like something I would do! We ordered the green poutine and I got a radiant smoothie. Hubby got a banana split milkshake.

Yummers! The vegan version of poutine works for me! The menu is a bit overwhelming, so I asked our server what was popular and landed on the crispy cauliflower tacos. Hubby picked out the Beyond Meat cheeseburger, as usual. He’s so happy to be eating cheeseburgers again.

The portions were so big! We found this to be true throughout Toronto. We both really enjoyed our entrees and they came out in reasonable time. I guess the kitchen was able to catch up.

Though we were fairly full, we had to try a dessert and decided on the chocolate fudge cake. Though, to be honest, it was hubby’s second dessert after the banana split shake.

It tasted very chocolate and the icing was too much. We didn’t finish it.

The space is cute, but be warned that the tables are super close together if only two of you.

Fresh gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We really enjoyed our entrees and the poutine. And it’s easy to get full here, so don’t order too much. Yummers!

The Hogtown Vegan in Toronto

Last night we chowed down at The Hogtown Vegan in Kensington Market of Toronto.

The food mimics various comfort foods from the United States. Hubby dug into a Philly Cheesestake and I got the Southern Combo. Both of us also ordered a side Cesar Salad.

The portions are very large. Hubby had so much trouble with his sandwich that his shirt got to try it too. Not complaining.

The food was hot and tasty. Not exactly the flavors we are accustomed to, but yummers nonetheless.

We also had to try desserts. Most of the desserts have cinnamon listed as an ingredient, so I was limited in my options (allergic to cinnamon). Hubby picked out the fried apple pie and I got the fried banana split. Both were wonderful. Hubby said his pie crust was the right thickness and apples thinly sliced, the way he likes. I ate all the banana and ice cream in my dish. Yummers!

The ambiance is casual and we sat outside on a beautiful evening.

The Hogtown Vegan gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We really enjoyed it, even if the flavors were not what we expected. When in Toronto, definitely enjoy a meal here.

Urban Herbivore in Toronto

We are on holiday in Canada! The first stop is Toronto and, of course, we were starving upon arrival. Urban Herbivore is a popular vegan chain across the city and we headed to the underground tunnels near our hotel to chow down.

We each got a sandwich, BBQ tofu and tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and a smoothie, green and berry, to satiate our hunger. We each had half of each sandwich.

We also got chocolate chunk cookies to take with us.

I really enjoyed the flavor of my green smoothie, but they are pre-made. It means I was unsure how long it had been sitting out and I had to stir it. A bit strange.

The sandwiches were okay. The BBQ tofu had a bitter taste and I’m not a huge fan of tempeh. But hubby really liked the tempeh sandwich. The cookies were also not my favorite because they didn’t have much chocolate.

An unfortunate experience for a place suggested to me by others. Urban Herbivore gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Maybe I need to go back and try something different.