Vaute Coture NYC Store Opening

I was lucky enough to make it to Vaute Coture opening its first permanent location in NYC a couple weeks ago. I adore the brand because it’s awesome. Not just the fun vegan clothes that are locally and ethically made, but the people. Every communication is full of joy, gratitude, and love. That’s so much of what I aspire to be!

It was a very hot day, so hot that I had to sit down as soon as I found a seat inside. I needed to recover.

The place was packed with people thrilled to explore, try on items, and eat the treats!

The place is adorable and full of great messages.

I will be returning soon to explore on my own pace and I can’t wait. The world needs places like Vaute. I’m thrilled to be part of this important change.


Vedge in Philly

I didn’t know what to expect with Vedge in Philly. The reviews all said good food, but less pleasant on other parts. Hubby almost didn’t want to go, but I can’t resist a vegan restaurant! Then, I couldn’t get a reservation because planning is not always my thing. So I called to find out if they had a bar I could sit at. They do, but a reservation had opened and I zoinked it.

The atmosphere is rustic chic and a bit noisey, but comfortable.

The menu made our mouths water and we waited for our server to explain how to order. The menu is intended for patrons to order one thing from each section. The portions are set up for this approach and we were thrilled to be encouraged to order multiple dishes.

Our meal started with watermelon Gespacho. The flavor was wonderful, but the glasses were warm. A bit unusual for a cold soup.

Hubby picked out Fancy Radishes to start and Spicy Ssamjang Tofu with Green Garbanzos for his entree. I ordered Stuffed Avocado to start and Grilled Seitan with Brussels Sprouts. We of course shared everything and it was fantastic.

So yummy! And beautifully presented.

With such luck for dinner, we had to try dessert. Not disappointed when adventurous options were presented. We selected the Chocolate Bar and Zucchini Blondie. Both were wonderful. 

Just a wonderful evening. We had no trouble with anything. Vedge gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. Totally try to eat here when in Philly. Also plan better to make sure you can get a table.