Hail Merry Chocolate Chile Pecan Tarts

I have yet to try a Hail Merry treat I dislike. Excited was an understatement when finding these pecan tarts. Hubby loves pecan tarts!

Unfortunately, he didn’t like these. Too much coconut for him. I really like them, but I don’t taste any pecan. If you like coconut and don’t need the promised pecans, these are worth a try. The chile is tasty, so make sure you like that flavor too.


Vegetarian Paradise 2 in Greenwich Village

I have never had dim sum. Can you believe it? Finding myself in Greenwich Village and hungry, I pulled out my trusty Happy Cow app and searched for what was close. This place has decent reviews and I could try dim sum. Score!

Hubby and I ordered the Collard Green Rolls and Scallion Pancakes to start and Tofu Rolls under the dim sum section of the menu. The Tofu Rolls were intended as one of the entrees, but I didn’t know what they were anyway. All an adventure! So these three things came out together. No problem, we were hungry. All the dishes were yummers. Although I will probably not get the pancakes again, too much bread.

For an entree, we also ordered Moo Shu Delight. Hubby had never had Moo Shu, so I had to order. We both loved it. But, I got to make the burritos for hubby. He says I do a better job.

We also ordered Death By Chocolate Cake, but I forgot to get a photo. It didn’t last long.

The food was good, but it’s not all vegan, so make sure to talk with the excellent waiter. Everyone seemed to know him, so he must be there a lot. The place is a hole in the wall. Hubby said, “why do all these kinds of restaurants have to feel dirty.” There is an A rating in the window and the kitchen looked clean from what I could see. But the bathrooms could use a good scrub.

Vegetarian Paradise gets three out of four vegan cupcakes. I will go back because it’s good people and good food. Enjoy for yourself!

Free* Bread

Okay, so here’s the deal. I don’t think I have an intolerance of gluten, but I get bloated when I eat a couple slices of bread. It’s uncomfortable and yet nothing like my animal protein intolerance or the response I have to pineapple.

If you avoid gluten, you already know that gluten free bread is either not vegan or just plain old terrible. Well, did I find something cool, or what? This Free* Bread is tasty. Not exactly the spongy texture of gluten full bread, but I have been enjoying it as toast and made a grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm… If available near you, it’s worth trying for yourself. Yummers!

Vaute Couture

Where do I begin gushing about this brand? For many years I have read about how much people love their coats. I have crushed over the online photos, but have been hesitant to order online due to sizes and cost. Honestly, the coats are expensive. But they are sourced and made ethically and as local as possible.

When I first moved to Manhattan, I trecked out to the Brooklyn location, or at least where I thought it was. I couldn’t find it. And since they really only had space for appointments, I waited. Humph. What was I waiting for? A really good reason to make an appointment. Like that I got a job and winter was close. Winter is close and I am still looking for my next work adventure.

About a month ago a friend shared Vaute was opening a Manhattan storefront with regular hours! I jumped on the opportunity to participate in the grand opening. They had amazing jackets, but I need a coat. So, I bought a cute T to support the opening.

I also asked when the winter coats were expected. October was the answer. So, October 1, hubby jumped online and decided on a coat he wanted. I looked at a couple things, but we both hesitated to buy before trying on anything. Back to the store we go. Yay for being close by!!

Although the coats we wanted were not in the store, samples were and we could get an understanding of sizing and the fabric. For sizing, go up one from your blouse size. That way it will fit over sweaters. Upon returning home we ordered what we hope to be our favorite heavy winter coats for many years. And, it was pre-order time, so our coats were dramatically cheaper.

Our coats won’t arrive till November, but I also ordered a pair of heavy leggings. Those arrived today and are amazing, even if still too warm to wear. But, even better, has been the experience. From our first order confirmation to the fun, but simple, packaging, everything has been about love. I’m so impressed and can’t wait for our coats. I will have to share about those when they arrive next month.

VSpot Organic in East Village

Latin vegan food? I’m so in for this! I have been wanting to try this restaurant for several months and finally made it. When I walked in, I was the only customer, so I got some great attention and help in selecting my meal. Later the place got swamped and food slowed way down, as to be expected.

I had to try the arepas. I got to live in Venezuela for a bit in my early 20s and have always loved arepas. The pastry chef also suggested the Kale Caesar. Both were yummy. The arepa was more of the Columbian version, but tasty, and my Caesar had a lot of dressing, but worth getting again.

Hubby tried the Jamacian Wrap and Belgian Fries. He really likek them. I found the wrap too spicy for me and the fries tasted like fries. This is probably a good thing.

For dessert, I tried the pumpkin cheesecake special. It was not overly sweet and seemed froze to hold it together. I was not super impressed, but didn’t hate it either.

VSpot Organic gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. I like it and will return. Try for yourself. Yummers!

Oh, and there is a great joke on the sign!


Support Changes

As much as I prefer local coffeehouses, I also feel we need to support the changes that help everyone. I stopped to try my favorite caffine hot beverage with coconut milk this morning. Tasty. I will be back at my local place tomorrow, but coconut milk is important for Starbucks to carry.

Don’t forget to support the positive changes in your community. When they don’t hit the mark on taste, try and talk with the chef/owner/manager. These people want your business and never going back makes them think they don’t need to provide vegan options.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Naturade Vegan Smart Protein

If you are on the lookout for a vegan protein powder that doesn’t taste like feet, look no further. I was given lots of this as a participant at an event, a regular vegan, not a blogger, to try. It means my review is truly honest.

This is the best vegan protein powder I have ever tried. I mix it with almond milk and wheat grass to get more veggies and the taste is still great. Twenty grams of protein and only five grams of sugar per serving!

I have tried the berry, chai, and chocolate flavors. There is also a vanilla, but not yet tasted by me. I think the berry is my favorite.

Several brands of vegan protein powders have landed on my tastebuds that are terrible. Put the stuff in a smoothie with other tasty stuff and some are tolerable. But I don’t always have time to make an entire smoothie and clean up. This is good enough to dump in my blender bottle and head out. Yummers!