V-Note in Upper East Side Manhattan

V-Note is a nice date night. Intimate and vegan, hubby and I set out to enjoy.

We started with flautas and a Cesar salad with un-chicken.


The floutas were delicously different and the Cesar tasty. I liked the un-chicken too. Dryer than others and not too much dressing.

Next I ordered the lasagna and hubby got the stuffed poblano.

The lasagna was very rich and tasty while the pepper was too sweet. We expected more savory spice for a southwest inspired dish.

We finished with dark chocolate fondu for two.

Absolutely my favorite part of the meal.

V-Note gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We will probably return and try other dishes, but skip the poblano.


Dun-Well Doughnuts

Delicious and true to the flavors. Hubby says Dun-Well are the best vegan donuts he has ever had.

Vanilla tastes like vanilla and almond tastes like almond, not just sugar like I remember from non-vegan donuts.

Dun-Well gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. I will absolutely be going back.

M.O.B. Restaurant in Brooklyn

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, we needed some food. So we hopped back on the subway and made our way to a wonderful patio at M.O.B.

This was the perfect easy lunch for our adventure. Hubby got a flatbread pizza and pea soup. I picked out the California MOB Burger. Yum. I’m not a huge fan of exotic mushrooms, so the pizza was all for hubby, which he was happy for. I did enjoy my burger though. A very different texture from traditional vegan patties.

M.O.B. gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. The food is good and totally worth trying. They play with flavor and texture that is very fun. But it’s a limited menu. At least for lunch. Pizza and burgers are the options other than a salad.

Ritual Cafe in Des Moines


Desperately trying to find breakfast before hitting the road, Happy Cow to the rescue when the place I planned to visit didn’t have anything. The best part is that Ritual Cafe is next to a fabulous park for my dog.

Ordered granola and a green smoothie. The smoothie is very sweet and the granola with chia oatmeal and hemp seeds is delicious.

Three out of five vegan cupcakes. Would totally come back, but few vegan choices.

Zombie Burger in Des Moines

Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa was highly recommended to me. Traveling with our rescue puppy, hubby ordered food to go. Their buns were not vegan and thus my burger was served on a bed of lettuce. Sounds good, right?

I am disappointed by my burger. A salad without dressing and a salty burger buried in it.

I would recommend skipping this burger, even with a fun name. One out of five vegan cupcakes.