Nite Owl in Omaha


Nite Owl has great hours for people who don’t like daylight, aka vampires. The inside looks like a bar and the menu is vegan friendly with options clearly noted.


I ordered the vegan burger. A black bean and sweet potato party with vegan bun, butter lettuce, onion, avocado, and vegan aioli. It comes with a side and I got the tots. I’m a sucker for tater tots. I also shared a China Doll salad of cabbage, Anaheim peppers, red bell peppers, fried wantons, and Thai peanut dressing. We added tofu.



The burger would have benefited from more aioli, but was very tasty. The tots were crunchy as always desired and the salad fresh. I enjoyed every bite and will definitely return. Yummers!


Blue Nile Cafe in KC


Ethiopian food is usually a safe vegan option. Blue Nile Cafe in Kansas City didn’t disappoint. They offer eight different vegan options or a platter with all of them. That’s what we picked.


Blue Nile Cafe gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. I enjoyed the food, but the presentation made me wonder if it would be okay. Luckily it was. The service was great and the food good, but not great.

Zoe’s Kitchen


Hubby has been singing the praises of Zoe’s Kitchen for years. The menu has clearly labeled vegan options. The food tastes fresh and is served fairly quickly. The location I visited was packed, so lots of people clearly enjoy the restaurant.


I ordered a plate of sides. Beans, roasted vegetables, and potato salad. The food was okay and the presentation unique.


Zoe’s Kitchen gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was okay when I was hungry, but I won’t go back. If vegetarian, there are many more options.

Spiral Diner

If ever in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you MUST eat at Spiral Diner. This is one of my very favorite vegan restaurants in the United States. I love it so much that I was an investor for the Dallas location. I am no longer an investor and this is why I finally feel comfortable sharing my feelings.

VegNews awarded it best restaurant a few years ago and in a sea of fried steaks, Spiral Diner is a vegan and casual oasis. The menu is huge and thus there is something for everyone.

Tonight I ordered the special, a BBQ Brisket Plate, and enjoyed every bite. Hubby ordered the patty melt and chef salad, two of our favorites from when we lived here. We were not disappointed.



With a tiny bit of room in our tummies we ordered a piece of chocolate cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies. If you are ever here when they offer a cooking class, you can get some of the recipes.


Oh so good! Spiral Diner gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. The food is always delicious, always comfortable, and so appreciated in cities that can be difficult for vegans. Yummers!



Runa Clean Energy

Lots of the “energy” drinks have some strange ingredients. Not Runa. I tried the unsweetened options and enjoyed them both. A full bottle helped me be alert during an extra crazy San Francisco rush hour.

Runa is a great, simple ingredient, energy drink when you need a little extra kick in the morning.

I recently attended a food show and was able to try many new products. Many of the coming posts will be dedicated to these new products.


Golden Era Vegan Cuisine


Golden Era Vegan Cuisine has always been one of my favorite places in San Francisco. I always eat here when in town. Last year they moved to a beautiful new space. The old space felt a little cramped, but the food is always good.

I ordered the Golden rolls, traditional fried egg-less rolls filled with vegetables and tofu, and tomato noodle soup, vermicelli, tomato, soy protein, onion in vegetable broth. So yummy!


The only unusual thing about eating here is the number of different proteins in many dishes. My soup had three different ones and the “shrimp” was not great. Golden Era gets 4 out of 5 vegan cupcakes for being dependably great food and in a beautiful new space, but could improve the protein sources.


I am a sucker for pizza. zpizza has vegan offerings in addition to meat and cheese options. My meat-eating friend said her pizza was excellent.

I enjoyed my pizza. Not the best I have ever had, but worth eating. I also got a salad that was much bigger than expected. I had taken bites of both before remembering to get a photo. The Berkeley Vegan pizza and California salad with Italian dressing, the only vegan dressing.


If looking for pizza in the downtown San Francisco area, zpizza works well. I give 3 out of 5 vegan cupcakes. Good, but not great, and would go again.



Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

I was excited to visit an authentic Chinese and vegan restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Certainly not an everyday opportunity.

This place is a hole in the wall. In fact, getting to the bathroom means going through a crowded kitchen. I certainly got the experience I had hoped for. And my server was incredibly nice and attentive. Locals gobbled down multiple dishes while I visited.


Unfortunately, the food was just okay. I ordered from the “Special Suggestion” list in hopes of getting something wonderful. The curry wheat gluten sausage with broccoli was edible. The “sausage” had no flavor and thus the curry carried the dish.


Lucky Creation gets 2 out of 5 vegan cupcakes for authenticity, but not great food. There is plenty of fantastic Asian food in San Francisco to enjoy. Yummers!

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